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Clean UK business data that can be selected and purchased online. This service allows you to set up your search criteria by a wide range of parameters, preview your data to ensure you have the type of records you expected and then purchase the data.

Drill down and refine the selections until you have just the right data for your campaign and because it’s all done on line the purchase is done in a few minutes.

    ✔ Order exactly what you need

    ✔ GDPR Compliant

    ✔ Select by SIC or Thomson codes

    ✔ Select by company size, type of premises

    ✔ Select contact by Job title or Job Function

    ✔ No minimum orders

    ✔ Phone numbers, Email addresses*, Employee numbers, Web site address and business classifications are all available fields

    ✔ Dedupe against previous orders

    ✔ Upload data and de-dup against this online

    ✔ Radial scans now available

* Excludes Sole traders

Click here to TPC/CTPS Screen your data

Screen data for TPS/CTPS registered numbers

Quickly establish if your database has phone number on the TPS or CTPS "Do not call registers"

Bulk process or individual Look Up

    ✔ Simple upload, map, process

    ✔ Report shows status before you pay

    ✔ Pay and Download

    ✔ Existing data is untouched

Rate is £7 per 1000 records with a minimum order charge of £10

Single lookup

    ✔ Copy and paste numbers

    ✔ Registered / Not registered answer

    ✔ 10 numbers pre day free

UK numbers only